The Warrior Spice

“Spice up your life “has taken a literal meaning in the recent years. It has not quiet caught on yet, but Spice is gently revealing her Ayurveda holistic secrets to us, if only we will listen.

The Warrior Spices: Adaptogens are soldiers and protectors of your wellness

I have the fondest memories of my childhood. Carefree days, tomboy lifestyle and playing outside till the very last minute we could get away with. I remember falling off my bike and cracking my forehead open, a gash that would need at least ten stitches, instead a poultice of coffee and turmeric was slapped on by a village elder. The next day I was back on my bike to school. We lived in a town that was the product of a Sugar Mill and chemical plant. In the last 20 years, there have been studies that evaluated the working conditions and health effects of rural cane cutters and industrial workers. The workers are exposed to health hazards, like gas and ash from burning cane, pesticide inhalation, and mental hazards due to excruciating noise levels. These days the sugar industry workers show high morbidity and mortality, mainly associated with the chronic diseases and lengthy exposure to pollution. These people are not even getting to enjoy their retirement because they are either chronically ill or have died through illness during their tenure.

This is in direct contrast to forty years ago, where, there was no doctor, hospital, or clinic within 35km, as there was no need for it.  “Ayah” our very own Mary Poppins, a village elder, was always called on, be it for a high fever, asthma attacks, busted knee and even to deliver a baby.  “ Ayah “ had an array of potions and poultices like turmeric balls to swallow, ginger roots to chew, fennel tea to gulp down or a turmeric and coffee mix to slap onto an open wound, all in a her little drawstring pouch. I do not think anyone understood her madness. We did however take for granted that we never took a sick day off school or work and we healed superfast. Ayah and her friends lived a long a fruitful life. She died at 96 but was suspected to be older. She smoked three packets of Ransom a day, lived alone and cared for herself until the day she died. She lived next to a house with five kids, who tried to terrorize her every chance we got. Her mental health was stable, calm, and not quick to anger. Nothing stressed her out.

When I look back, I realize that in front, center and back Adaptogens was the hero. It prevented inflammation, reduced infection, boosted our immune system and calmed our mental health.

In a nutshell, it regulated our body to function optimally without the help of conventional medicine. They get their name from the word “adapt,” because studies have shown these ingredients can help the body’s nervous system cope better during rollercoaster times of physical and mental stress.

Adaptogens are found in many herbs and spices that can aide in everything from boosting energy to balancing moods. Energy drinks brimming with high levels of sugar and caffeine puts you in a flight or fight mode. Adaptogens on the other hand help you chill whilst increasing your cellular energy. They are regulators forcing certain cells to work harder whilst calming others to slow down thus adapting to the “external situation.” All of this to merely give the body exactly what it needs to inhibit stressors. Many stress induced disorders are treated with conventional medicine that comes with a long list of side-effects. Despite Adaptogens being studied for more than half a century, only now are the active pharmacological benefits being slowly recognized.

More relevant and closer to home would be the effects Adaptogens may have on Covid-19. In an article published by MD Tereza Hubka (Integrative Medicine) , where she alludes to “Adaptogens support our immune system and reduces the risk of infection.” Its common knowledge that tonics promote health, wellness, and longevity. These tonics are made from natures goodness and support organ function and protect our bodies from depletion and collateral damage of our cells, organs, and brain function.

These power packed Warriors are amazing examples of healing properties, ideal for infection prevention and control during COVID-19. It targets the lungs and respiratory system to function at its best despite the external conditions.


A traditional Chinese “chi tonic” that brings back balance. Should be taken by those with a weak immune system, muscles, and voice loss. Ginseng helps with memory function and calm the nerves.


Indian basil reduces physical stress, mental stress, stimulates good digestion and lung function.  Tulsi is so revered in Ayurveda and the Indian community.

Liquorice Root

It has a calming effect, whilst improving the lung function and the mucous membranes.


Curcumin, the key ingredient improves brain function, reduces painful inflammation and infections. It relieves the symptoms of stress with its high antioxidant content.


Fights infections, boosts the immune system, helps with nausea prevents cell damage and is an anti-inflammatory.

Adaptogens give every one of us the power of Mary Poppins, that to heal ourselves and others, if correctly used. It may very well take a spoonful of adaptogens to makes the virus stay away. All this at a fraction of the cost of conventional OTC and prescription medication, and what is amazing is that it is without the side effects, except if you are allergic. It is best to be aware of your allergies and to check with your practitioner, before consuming adaptogens, to consider contra-indications, especially if you are on conventional medication. Whatever your ailment or just a need for general wellbeing, there is an adaptogen for it. Mother nature has you covered. Go on give it a try.

The best of health, love, and happiness to you.