About Us

“Do not judge me by what ailment I have but in how I am dealing with it.” At Athlena, we know that personally and that the struggle is indeed real. Be it Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Lupus, Crohns disease, IBS, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, or any other ailment that is limiting you from living life on your terms, we have something to help improve the quality of your life and take back control. 

About us

When I became involved in infection prevention and control in healthcare as a career for the past twenty years, I had no idea that it was setting me up for a personal journey. When my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of thirty-two in 2008, then only did I realise that my journey has come full circle. As if having Multiple Sclerosis was not enough, I remember how helpless and devastated we were whilst walking out of the hospital 2018, with the news that he was going to need a double hip replacement surgery. As per the doctor this was due to the adverse effects of cortisone which unfortunately was the only relief as per the neurologists for Multiple Sclerosis and other auto-immune diseases. We had no choice but to refused to give up.

Picking up the fight

I realised that the only alternative was to revert to my Ayurveda roots, that of which my heritage held the secrets to. I remember as children neither us nor our parents ever found the need to go to the doctor, even if we could afford it. Our grandparents all lived well into their nineties with the help of nature. There was a remedy for everything from a cut to a sore stomach, joint pains, acne skin, Asthma, and Chicken pox, all in the spice cupboard or in the garden.  After investment in time to intensively research, collaborate and  study, we found that everything we need for a better quality of life, better skin, and bodily health, again reminded me, that all good things are indeed from mother nature. My research further led me to the benefits of blending CBD with other natural products to combat chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation, and lack of appetite. This encouraged us to start growing our own plants, organically and collaborate with other likeminded growers and suppliers, to harness the medicinal value from the best quality ingredients. Our herbs and spices are non-toxic, non-irradiated and organic  with benefits that are meant to improve your overall immune system strength and provide balance within the body to alleviate stress, pain, chronic fatigue, and enhance your overall mood. All of this just so I could help the love of my life improve and sustain a better quality of life despite his Multiple Sclerosis.  It worked and a year later, he has no need for his crutches, nor the operation for now, walks unaided and has started his own custom woodwork business, where he handles heavy machinery and stands for long hours on a regular basis.

The Birth of Athlena Wellness

Through word of mouth, people with incurable ailments started using our products to enhance their general health and wellbeing and to better cope with cancer, Lupus, Crohns disease, IBS, Osteoarthritis, Endometriosis. As a twofold, depression that was a subsequent symptom of these chronic ailments, was also better managed. If I can help others have an iota more enjoyment than they did before, then I have truly come full circle and Athlena Wellness has found its purpose.

Our Mission

To create bespoke products to help each individual fight, adapt and deal with their chronic condition to achieve an improved quality of life. At Athlena we refuse to take the blanket approach to “one product fits all ailments”.

Our Promise

 “Our products are of the highest quality, all natural and affordable so we can reach as many people as we can.”  

Uplift the community

By way of our affiliate program, we aim to create business owners that in turn will uplift the communities we work and play in. So, check in to find out more on how you can become an affiliate.

Lets Connect

Given that Multiple Sclerosis has far reaching symptoms, that overlap that of many illnesses, every product we create has been tried and tested by my husband. I say this so you know that if it is good enough to give to my loved one, you can trust that it is good enough for you and is of superior quality that offers relief and healing to help you to function at your best. Visit our website, www.athlena.co.za to check out our range of CBD and non- CBD infused wellness supplements, cuisine aides and personal care products or give us a call to book your CBD massage. Let discuss your needs.